The A-4P and A-4Q series were “re-manufactured” A-4Bs sold to BuNo of Skyhawks re-sold will be listed in their appropriate country or. Teniente de Fragata Zubizarreta, A-4Q 21 MAY 82 Sixteen A-4Q Skyhawks were purchased for the Argentine Navy for use on its. Here is my 1/48 A-4Q Skyhawk converted from the Hasegawa E/F kit with the Aconcagua resin set. This model depicts 3-A from 1st Air.

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By goonJune 21, in Ready for Inspection – Aircraft. On 13 Decemberall remaining Israeli A-4 Skyhawks were retired from service.

Argentine A-4Q Skyhawk

Skyhawks Unknown Skyhawk Wrecks. This proposal was re-worked to reflect the requirements for the “VAL” competition requirements. Smith’s concept drawing, and Tommy Thomason’s profile comparison. Once airborne, they would then proceed to top off their fuel tanks from the tanker using the A-4’s skhyawk refueling probe on the starboard side of the aircraft nose. A4D-6 proposal for engine and air-frame improvements utilizing the new FT engine, none built.

After the war with Egypt, they were fitted with engine exhaust extensions to reduce their infrared signature. Improvements included an auto-pilot and all-attitude gyro system; a low-altitude bombing system; terrain clearance radar; and angle of attack instrumentation. Photo provided by Maximiliano Guillen. Older models that are not suited for Israel’s modern high-tech forces will be sold off, or sold for scrap if there are no buyers. The Skyhawk remained in production untilwith 2, aircraft built, including two-seat trainers.


Starting inIsrael purchased A-4s, plus another 46 that were transferred from U. A-4 Skyhawk Osprey Combat Aircraft series.

Ten of the twelve Third Escuadrilla pilots pictured survived the war. Given the number of air forces that operated the Skyhawk, a significant number has been preserved, either airworthy or on display.

The TA-4J served as the advanced jet trainer in white and orange markings for decades until being replaced by the T Goshawk. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat The last A-4 fleet operators were VC-8, which retired its Skyhawks in A-4Q Skyhawk 3-A launching skybawk the 25 de Mayo.

3-A-304 Douglas A4Q Skyhawk Armada Argentina

The IAF also operated two-seat models, for operations as well as advanced training and retraining. Events 15 October Captain Walsh ejected safely and was the last U. Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service. New Zealand Skyhawks were retired from service skyhqwk Last flight of an Argentine A-4Q Skyhawk.


Category:A-4Q Skyhawk – Wikimedia Commons

Later in their service lives these aircraft acquired Radar Warning Receivers and antenna on the nose and tail. Navy light attack role. Wikimedia Commons has media related to A-4 Skyhawk. Replica of A-4Q Skyhawk 3-A – The 25 de Mayo was originally the British light fleet carrier Venerable.

When the skyhwwk hit the Navy inventorythe letter designating the manufacturer was dropped.

Due to serviceability issues, the Doppler sets were not retained. A-4Q Skyhawk 3-A is being attached to the 25 de Mayo catapult.

All the best admin – MI. While skyhxwk service, they suffered from frequent maintenance issues and a high accident rate. In the back is an exhaust gas deflecter used when the first jet plane Grumman F9F-2 Panther was in active service in our Naval Aviation. The A-4 served the Indonesian Air Force from until