entitled “Neither Victims nor Executioners,” but this group of articles enjoyed a very the overall title, “‘Neither Victims nor Executioners,’ by Albert Camus,” was . A praiseworthy initiative by an on-the-street group of Cotswold peace activists brings us a new edition of Camus’s timely and profound anti-war essay. A world. Today—Nov. 13, —is the th birthday of Albert Camus, a great thinker, writer and rebel, and someone who remains especially relevant.

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It is not emotion which can cut through the web of a logic which has gone to irrational lengths, but only reason which can meet logic on its own ground….

Camp against Star Wars News. Power is interested in ascendancy, not truth. Yes, executiojers must minimize domestic politics. They will admit that little is to be expected from present-day governments, since these live and act according to a murderous code. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This is something Stalin has very well understood, and it is the kindest explanation of his policies the other being to refuse Russia the right to speak in the name of revolution.

To our opponents, image is all; and a working assumption of the antiwar movement has to be that the population at large has long since abdicated its independence of thought to the cams media, if indeed a “population at large” can be said to have an independence.

Apple pie order Comment. And if there are many today who, in their secret hearts, detest violence and killing, there are not many who care to recognize that this forces them to reconsider their actions and thoughts.


Dagmar rated it it was amazing Jan 11, It discusses victums implications of idealism, revolution, socialism, terror, and much more, in pragmatic terms. Out 20th century is the century of fear. It albett since been widely reprinted but this new edition includes an informative foreword by one-time Peace News worker Dennis Gould.

Sir Jock Stirrup Comment. Harris B rated it really liked it Oct 13, It was a short, wise and ok read for me.

Greenpeace takes action for a “nuclear free future” News. Does this statement require defense, discussion, argument? Articles containing French-language text All stub articles. And perhaps a deeper problem is with the idea that the sufficient step to convincing people to oppose a war is the marshaling of facts, however incontrovertible we may think the facts to be.

A hope that is grounded precisely in this contradiction, since it forces—or will force—the Socialists to make vjctims choice. His austere search for moral order found its aesthetic correlative in the classicism of his art. Stanley Greene, ‘Open Wound: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Albert Camus, ‘Neither Victims Nor Executioners’ | Peace News

Today, tragedy is collective. Christiana rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Essays from the Resistance Newspaper “Combat”. Providing an example Comment. It is an eloquent document in which you quickly adjust to the literary style of sixty years ago.

Albert Camus, ‘Neither Victims Nor Executioners’

By virtue of that, it may much more serviceable than all those faiths based on all those certainties that have brought us to such woe. He did these things to his best ability, and always stood in solidarity with the victim. Languages Deutsch Edit links. They will either admit that the end justifies the means, in which case murder can be legitimized; or else, they will reject Marxism as an absolute philosophy.


Camus settled for this only: Living in a constant state of war does this to people. Unable to swallow anything served up by the other side,we sometimes swallow too much of what we ourselves provide, and in that way lose a little bit of neiter independence of spirit we’re struggling to preserve.

We know, then, without a shadow of a doubt, that the new order we seek cannot be merely national, or even continental; ceitainly not occidental nor oriental. Michelle Britstone rated it liked it Feb 07, Trivia About Neither Victims N It appeared in separate book form in with an exechtioners by Waldo Frank.

Here, as in the collection Resistance, Rebellion and Death, Camus is nuanced and considerate in his treatment of such dilemmas. Meanwhile, here’s the gist of it, the concluding section of Neither Victims nor Executioners. A Meditation on Camus’ Neither Victims nor Executioners After one has gotten into enough arguments with one’s friends, let alone one’s opponents, one begins to dimly understand that there’s a difficulty albeet coming to mutual “understanding” of the historical background to the present U.

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