2 1. ABOUT THE TRAINING SITE DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY ASELSAN A.Ş. As a developer of statü of the art Land, Air, Naval and Space. Aselsan Staj Aselsan Staj. November 14, | Author: hittaf_05 | Category: Drilling, Machining, Welding, Bending, Share Embed Donate. Report this link. of a company (like TUBITAK) or different departments of a company (like ASELSAN) is not . You report should start with a Cover Page and Table of . of the grades on the “Staj Değerlendirme Formu” must be at least 7.

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On the side of the conductor where the lines of flux are not opposing each other, the magnetic field will be made stronger. In reviewing literature, care must be exercised to determine the definition of ripple since there are three methods of presenting the data: On the side of the coil where the lines of flux are riot opposing each other, the magnetic field is made stronger.

A light source passes a beam through the transparent segments onto a photosensor which outputs a sinusoidal waveform. However, one major difference is the asrlsan motor uses a permanent magnet rotor and the induction motor uses iron bars arranged to resemble a squirrel cage. Rotating TransformerAs a starting point, the simplest resolver unit contains a single winding on sstaj rotor and two windings on the stator located 90 degrees apart.

The command signal goes out to move the motorand a signal is returned the feedback to the control to inform the control of what has occurred. Why then, are not all servos designed with high gain high accuracy and wide bandwidth fast response? When a current passes through a coil of wire, a magnetic field is produced.

This current will generate lines of flux around the armature and affect the lines of flux in the air gap. This power is supplied to the servo control amplifier from the “power supply” which simply converts AC power into the required DC level. If for some reason the shaft cannot rotate to bins B and C, the control is unaware of the problem and all parts are placed in bin A a big problem if not discovered immediately by an operator.

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If the output signal went through four sine waves as the rotor goes through mechanical degrees, it would be called a 4 -speed resolver. Because of the strong field on one side of the coil and the weak field on the other side, the coil will be pushed into the weaker field and, because the armature coil is free to rotate, it will rotate.


The flux is determined by the current flowing through the armature coil and strength of the field magnetsBy mathematics: In the summer practice program the students put their theoretical values learned in previous courses into practice by the help of engineers and technicians who are respons responsibl iblee from from the process processes es in the organi’ organi’ati ation.

An open loop drive is one in which the signal goes “in one direction only”. During this period, defense spending in regions such as the Middle East, the Gulf and the Caspian, which are very important in our operations, maintained their rapid upward trend.

With the strength that these circumstances provide us, we move forward with dynamism and determination.

There are various types of resolvers.

Gain is a ratio of output versus input. The interaction of these two magnetic fields results in motion. However, the similarity ceases there. However, in general, the rotor is larger than that of an equivalent servomotor and, therefore, may not provide adequate response for incrementing applications.

But for wide range, high performance systems, in which rapid response is important, it becomes extremely desirable to minimize sluggish reaction since a rapid changes to speed commands are desirable. These devices regulate the amount of power being applied onto the motor, and moving the load. Linearity The ideal tachometer would have a perfect straight line for voltage vs.

On the other hand, the Turkish economy concluded with growth and continued to positively decouple from other emerging markets. These low power level signals must be amplified: Now that we have a basic understanding of the operation of the motor, we can better understand the function and operation of the high performance drive.

As power is applied onto the servo motor, the load begins to move. Magnetism is the basis for all electric motoroperation. Lack of understanding does give the impression to the user of difficulty. This process repeats until the current in the stator stops alternating or stops flowing. Another type of resolver is termed “resolver control transformer” two phase inputsand one phase output i.


Second week I always go to the maintance and repair division and I repair 3 servo motor driver box, I learnt doing perfect soldering in there. The control can trigger one pulse, resulting in shaft rotation and placement of a part in bin A. The counter, in the meanwhile, is counting the encoder pulses and, at a predetermined location, the motor is commanded to slow down. The three windings are Figure 5.

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Our objective is to become one ztaj the top 50 companies in the world through the development of original and national opportunities and talents of the highest level. As it rotates, it will be pulled by the magnetic force of the unlike poles. Field proven servo systems developed by ASELSAN are presently deployed in dozens of systems ranging from 20 kg precision stabilized positioning systems to 20 ton main battle tank turrets.

A reference signal is applied onto the primary the rotorthen via transformer action this is coupled to the secondary. The item load which is controlled regulated can be controlled in any manner, i.

Aselsan Staj

At some point, the human ear cannot detect the sound. The two channel version provides a signal relationship to obtain motion direction i. The asesan then outputs a signal to apply more voltage onto the servo motor to increase speed until the feedback signal equals the command signal, i. Induction motor advantages include: In its facilities located in Macunk9y and in its ,ranch offices in: Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. As an example, suppose an application calls for automatically placing parts into bins A, B and C.

This induced voltage will cause a current to flow in the rotor and will generate a magnetic field.

By applying a voltage onto the primary of the transformer winding, a current flow results and induces current in the secondary winding. If the induction motor ran at synchronous speed, there would be no relative motion and no torque would be produced.