View and Download Calrec Artemis installation and technical manual online. Digital Broadcast Production Console. Artemis Music Mixer pdf manual download . Calrec Audio manufacture high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters. Calrec offer the most comprehensive range. Run Waves plugins on your Calrec mixing consoles and enhance your live sound with Waves’ award-winning compressors, EQs, limiters, delays, and much .

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The Hydra2 Organizer, H2O, is an administrator-level user interface designed to provide control over the network without the use of an audio console. CSV file rather than a. A panel located in the surface upstand. Ports can be added to multiple folders. This is intended to avoid the confusion of having a single fader indicate the assigned path and the relevant spill leg at the same time.

This creates a star formation, in that all elements connect to a central point; the router nanual. To create a new show, go to the Mem page and select New Show.

Calrec Artemis Installation And Technical Manual

Calrec Audio Limited can not be liable for any legal proceedings or problems that may arise relating to such modifications. Click Apply to save the changes.

Google Chrome is free of charge and can be downloaded and ready to use in minutes from www. For more information on user memories and port aliasing, please refer to a console operator manuals. Card types available from Calrec are: Got it, continue to print. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. Controllers with a backup port, or systems with backup controllers can route the normally active mankal to the Calrec primary card, and the backup to the secondary.

If connecting two networks, one of the masters will need to be re-configured as a slave. If the main application is closed, it can be restarted from the Windows Start menu.


Calrec ARTEMIS Operator’s Manual

Note, folders can be created within folders to help give a logical structure relating to location and usage. Strips Mode Tapping on the TFT overview expands that strip to allow access to all the bus outputs of that type to add or remove routes to that output from that channel. Note, existing patches to restricted ports are instantly made and pass audio upon access being granted. Cleaning For cleaning the front panels of the equipment we recommend using a soft anti-static cloth, lightly dampened with water if required.

Please refer Clicking the Reset all to User 1 button will to the monitoring section for details on remove all user splits.

This device may not cause harmful interference 2. The level of these reverse feeds may be adjusted agtemis the RTB 1, 2 or 3 controls.

Enter a name, eg ‘Calrec- Connect Using drop-down menu. Any DIP switches labelled Address 2 should all be set to the off position. Duplicate box IDs can cause network conflicts.


Calrec project engineer prior to Note, any fixed RJ45’s on the rear of delivery. Connecting a box with the same ID as one already in the database, whether it is online or not, will cause confusion. Please refer to the Hydra2 installation manual for more detail on the SW-P protocol and connection. The upper section of up-stand TFT panels display audio level and phase meters, as setup in the Main Application.

Audio production system with optional networking 72 pages. A yellow background indicates access that has not yet been confirmed. Conversely, and if appropriate, when a bus is isolated, all the destinations to which it is connected can also be isolated automatically. Output Port Isolation Conversely, and if appropriate, when a bus is isolated, all the destinations to which it is connected can also be isolated automatically.

Mic Open Systems Within screens with limited Mic open manhal are console-wide and space the mic open column will be so do not split in line with user splits. H20 network administrator Caalrec. Folders are a means of organizing ports into lists and sublists. Selecting a client brings up the sync details for its rack on the right.



Input to output cross-point routing can also be carried out to aid calrdc control room and resource management. These are currently the main standards and are being widely adopted in other geographical regions.

Got it, continue to print. At this setting, the input has to increase by a massive 50dB above the threshold in order for the output to increase by a negligible 1dB – the signal is effectively being limited. This can be incredibly useful when integrating with external matrices, as it allows the source labels from the external matrix to be passed through to faders on the surface. Button release singlemode network, please discuss this with your connector are on the right-hand side.

Calreec on the file size, the import process can take some time. Inputs can be used simultaneously by multiple consoles on the same network.

This information is provided for -3 -2 For 3rd party controllers that operate on RS, Calrec can also supply in-line The reset cable, if used further info. All main network connections in a Artemis system make use of SFP sockets.

Once created, Hydra patchbays are available for patching and can be accessed from the H20 port patching screen. Accessing Further Controls Main path the current focus of all the assign panels, this button provides an alternative for outputs that may not be allocated to faders, or for when the fader is not close to hand.

There are two types of HPB: Hydra2 patchbays are created from the Required List for use in port patching. It is also important to the ensure IP address compatibility of the systems being connected together.

Output aliases are used in a similar way.