Grundfos Lifelink water solutions confront the global water crisis head-on, meaning solid steps can be taken towards long-term sustainable water solutions. Grundfos Lifelink Water Solutions helps build resilience to the effects of climate change by providing access to safe, sustainable and affordable water. The water fee covers the ongoing service contract where Grundfos LIFELINK takes full responsibility for service and maintenance of the system. Via the remote .

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What is Grundfos LIFELINK? | Grundfos

Nairobi Water has found success with one solution in Mathare: Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic tapping unit, where the villagers tap water and pay with a closed payment system based on smartcards. Calculations show that — using this method — a system will typically be repaid within a 5-year period. The central database in Denmark distributes the credits for the pre-paid water. Users pay for their water via their cell phones and a mobile banking facility.

By thinking bigger and linking across the rural and urban divide, this ground-breaking approach creates a new business model. The holistic approach of Lifelink water solutions enables four dimensions of sustainability for long-term, reliable water supply. Grundfos is committed to delivering solutions that strengthen reliability and sustainability of water supply in the developing world. The missing link to sustainability in water supply can only be addressed through innovative solutions that break with conventional thinking and take a holistic and long-term approach.

We build cross-sector partnerships to facilitate the right solution for every situation, driving the demand toward sustainable, scalable water solutions. The pilot scheme looks like it is already having a big impact.

In this holistic model we also incorporate partnerships and knowledge sharing with you. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Think about what you do well, and think about how this can be utilized in a developing market, given the market conditions. Water ATMs offer low-priced water to Nairobi’s poorest residents For years, black market cartels have controlled water supply in Nairobi, Kenya. They have both a loan-based and a donation-based financing model and have gone into partnerships with local microfinance institutions, major INGOs like the WFP and the Red Cross, governmental institutions, private foundations, and CSR programmes.


Grundfos was established in by the late Poul Due Jensen, today it is a truly global company selling more than 16 million pump units a year and has become a world expert in operating and managing water systems.

They are showing old world companies and organizations how to tackle new world challenges for the benefit of both humanity and the bottom-line. Documents News Contact Press Danish. Countless evaluations point to two main factors: This page forms part of the publication ‘Focus Danmark Nr.

Developing world water solutions

It is just a matter of leveraging your competencies as a company, and of developing original solutions to societal needs. A last point to remember is to partner up with the right companies and organizations, as they often are the ones who hold or have access lifeilnk invaluable local resources that could be a success factor of the project.

Through the campaign ‘Meet the Energy Challenge Now’, Grundfos has taken an active role in promoting energy savings by highlighting the hidden opportunity in applying energy efficient pumps in buildings, industry, and water supply.

By Tania Ellis, The Social Business Company limitations of inadequate physical infrastructure for water and maintenance as well as restricted access to financial services. While in South-East Asia and Latin America, it could be a combination of a commercial bank loan and part donation. Through a holistic approach to water supply, we can provide our customers with a new level of reliability. All blogs 21 Apr This example proves that there are a myriad of business opportunities in unexplored markets.

Overview Are people in the developing world willing and able to pay for their water? Receive news updates via email from this site. So back inwith the help of the Kenya Red Cross Society the first solar-powered water system was installed in the Kalunkini district.


Via the remote monitoring system, the technical service team can detect any malfunction and react immediately. The answer to our questions is yes — if the the water project is carried out correctly.

Countless evaluations point to two main factors:.

Grundfos Lifelink | State of Green

Such information is made available to all stakeholders. In this business grhndfos, the overall financial and technical sustainability is achieved by operating a larger portfolio of 40 water projects instead of looking at each project individually.

Water entrepreneur Douglas has started a small water business in Rurii Village in Kenya. Click on the different areas in the model below to learn more about Grundfos Lifelink water solutions.

The driving force of Grundfos Lifelink is a commitment to develop and provide sustainable water solutions for people in the developing world. By combining the engagement of local knowledge, resources, skills and needs with the resources and technologies of commercial companies, the result may be co-creation of unique business models that create value for humanity as well as the corporate bottom line.

His vision was to start targeting rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America with a sustainable supply of safe drinking water at affordable prices.

Want to learn more about The New Pioneers? You can read a full case study of the Lifelink project here. The model — a total solution water system with a solar-powered water pump, a water tank, a remote monitoring unit and an automatic tapping unit — also incorporates a payment facility, where the users pay for the water using smart cards and mobile banking.