Pyramid, Thaumatology, Chinese Elemental Powers, e23, and the names of all products published by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated are registered. I supported because “How else you gonna get that sweet, sweet GeekGold? Do something crazy like write a review or session report? Pffft!” – Jim Calabrese. Post about your experiences and thoughts with the GURPS Magic . a bit, known as GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers.

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Review: GURPS Thaumatology – Sorcery

Last edited by Eemental at Find More Posts by Humabout. With the total -5 to Will imposed, how was I to resist? Instead of arbitrary energy costs for any given spell, it uses its character point cost as the basis then thaumwtology it by the type of object it is cast on. The other problem is more endemic to the Magic as Powers approach: I tend to run high power fantasy and in working into my setting I have decided that it can easily scale up in power. The skills section of this chapter has the most new crunch with cinematic variants of a handful of skills and I especially liked the change to Alchemy and the FP sharing thaumatologt Erotic Art.

Find More Posts by Refplace. This is similar to gadget limitations, but the implementation shows little of the origins. It is easy to read and detailed without too much detail that might bore a powerrs with little or no interest in the source material. I liked it and it does a very good job of explaining the concepts and background.


Find More Posts by SolemnGolem. The first is that the more specialised you become the higher your level of SoEmp has to be to use hardcore improvisation and learned spells. Granted, not giving off any scent can cuinese be a life-saver, but I know which of those my players would choose. Primary complaint, it could have been a bigger book: Also several mentions of AA where the alternate is not crippled if the other version is.

In fact it can scale nicely even to the Supers level and the elements can provide models for other powers using a similar model. Page 1 of 5.

The thrust of this book is aimed at what I call medium power games which is confirmed by the authors post that it was inteneded to work well with WuXia campaigns.

Of course it comes out when I can’t spare the cash Find More Posts by Kromm. I will probably write up additional elements and categories animal being a likely one that use this format. The fact is, e23 is on a roll. Super Throw getting put in another spot besides Supers is nice, it never got enough love: Water Nourishes Wood is a really handy tidbit for naturlists and farmers as well. Apart from that, Sorcery is certainly generic enough to be dropped into many settings.

The heart of the content lies in the new advantage Sorcerous Empowerment. My desire for this book, other then to see a good writeup of an overlooked theme was to see how well it fit for ggurps Kaya elves based on the 5 elements.


These interactions are as flavorful as they are balanced — perfect for a magic system!

GURPS Thaumatology

The book is divided into three chapters. Actually this version is a lot better written and balanced I think.

A few of the perks might be overpowered but overall I think everything works out really well and manages to catch the feel of the elements while still being playable.

I need time to get more money! Generic Nutritional Substance score: Kommentar verfassen Cancel reply Enter your comment here All times are GMT This is pretty much impossible under these rules. Sean Punch 42 pages. Find More Posts by Nereidalbel. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers

One of my most eagerly awaited releases since the Psionics series. The book is almost exclusively concerned with rules, but it does have a few nods to world-building mechanics like the economics of enchantment and atmosphere rules for magical weapons etc. Here a few are listed with the discount because there really different writeups of the same basic power.