In his bestseller, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander argued that television is, by its very nature, a harmful technology. Trumpeter (). ISSN: In the Absence of the Sacred. Jerry Mander Elmwood Institute. Jerry Mander is the author of Four Arguments for the. Urging that we come to a fuller understanding of the perils of technology, Mander examines the sociopolitical ramifications of innovations, focusing on the.

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Absenec to Read Currently Reading Read. Even liberal-minded people, concerned about issues of justice, who ac-knowledge the atrocities committed on this land, tend to speak of Indian issues as tragedies of the distant past. Mander makes it clear that technology will not only NOT save the world but is in fact destroying the world. While planning kn write these two books, however, it became apparent to me that their subjects were inseparable.

He also begins each of his highly paid lectures by smashing a personal computer. And when a specific issue pits native traditions against some current environmental concern, such as fur trapping, or subsistence sealing, or whaling, the native viewpoint is not given a fair hearing.

They belonged together as one book. Paper diapers are probably a marvelous convenience, but maander do they all go when they are used?

It encompasses so many things — all the things that make up our living during this time on this planet: Alternatives to Economic Globalization: This is probably I wish I had read this book twenty years ago when it was written!

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.

In the Absence of the Sacred

To the contrary, it is “dangerous nonsense” for indigenous peoples to avoid using computers in this manner. In Burma, it’s the Karens. Mander, who conducts ad campaigns for nonprofit groups, expands greatly here on ideas he discussed in Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television Fenelon has interviewed people on the reservation and here are seven examples of the rather diverse forms of tribal and national identity: What Mander does try to do is introduce a bit of thought into the choices we each make whether we, as an individual, are a consumer or a producer of the marvels of our age.


Another big problem is that Mander oversimplifies the fight between the Indian and the forces arrayed against him.

IN THE ABSENCE OF THE SACRED by Jerry Mander | Kirkus Reviews

Thank YOU Mander for a tome that tells it like it is. If you want to remove the temptation of such things, you have to give people an alternative. Be the first to discover new talent!

Strangely in one part he says we are great at predicting the future of inventions and in another part he lampoons the over the top imaginings of the World’s Fair future-worlds. Making extensive use of Marshall Sahlin’s “Stone Age Economics”, Mander argues that so-called primitive societies enjoyed a great deal of leisure time, satisfied all their material desires and survival needs with little difficulty, did not work very hard, and consciously chose ‘subsistence economies.

It steals and murders and wrecks the land, and it leaves entire nations leveled, violated, poor, and powerless. It is up to everyone else to decide if we will, finally and profoundly, listen and try to understand sacged depth of what they have been and are saying about the ways in which to live right, before our ambitious yet arrogant attempt to create “the last best hope of man” falls utterly.

They say, “In a poor country, using a microcomputer linked by satellite to an information system half-way round the world In an interview with Nancho.

Jerry Mander has lived in Bolinas, California since The Case Against the Global Economy: They lived in the cities and made their living as auto mechanics or other blue-collar jobs. It encourages empathy, action and open-mindedness in the face of centuries of violence and hopelessness.

Or is it something more sinister? Customers who bought this item also bought. A book to be read over thee from time to time. Oct 01, Kham added it.


The need to communicate both within the United States and internationally will become ever ln important. We will take our sovereignty It’s a criticism of the culture we’ve created. I think it would be an outstanding achievement for humanity to be born from the earth and to move un the stars and to explore the vast unknown abyss. It is about the effects of technology on us as a people. Be the first to ask a question about In the Absence of the Sacred.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Because of the technology’s geographic scale, its hte, the astounding power of its imagery, and its ability to homogenize thought, behavior, and culture, large corporations found television uniquely efficient for ingraining a way of life that served and still serves their interests. One of the most deeply moving books I’ve ever read — and one that makes as much sense to me as any I’ve read. So ingrained is this position that when, occasionally, non-Indians do come forward on behalf of present day Indian causes – Marlon Brando, William Kunstler, Robert Redford, Kevin Costner, Jane Fonda – they are all put into that “romantic” category.

Their complex self- identification shows how limited Absecne categories are. Your great-grandparents were already alive at the time. I’ve been trying to avoid books that are over 10 years old since things are changing so fast but this one is still better than thw of the jerrg stuff I’ve read.

Can it be done? Inshe married Jerry Mander, who was to become a prominent Bay Area radical. Supersonic Transport SST project. Please try again later.

He lives and works in San Francisco.