VINETU I – II [Karl Maj] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. About Karl May: Karl Friedrich May (also Karol May) was one of the best selling German writers of all time, noted mainly for books set in the American Ol. Munich Found magazine aptly compares turn of the century German author Karl May to our own Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both men were quite prolific and.

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Vertonungen in Ueding’s Karl-May-Handbuch p – His main protagonists are Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. During his last years, May lectured on his philosophical ideas.

This foundation should support the education of the gifted poor including writers, journalists and editors. For the novels set in America, May created the characters of Winnetouthe wise chief of the Oarl and Old ShatterhandWinnetou’s white blood brother.

Many well-known German-speaking people used May’s heroes as models in their childhood.

Finally I want to recommend two films regarding Native Americans: Retrieved 28 November Furthermore there are posthumous publications of fragments of stories and dramas, lyrics, musical compositions, letters and the library catalogue. The French got it, not Hollywood! This made him a greater writer in Hitler’s view since it showed the author’s powers of imagination. In his early work, May wrote in a variety of genres until he showed his proficiency in travel stories.


University of Oklahoma Press. Retrieved from ” https: Karl May’s Winnetou novels symbolize, to some extent, a romantic desire for a simpler life in close contact with nature. After German reunificationinthe Press took a second office in Radebeul. Karl May Metzler, Stuttgart,vol p Karl-May-Handbuch p – In his will, May made his second wife, Klara, his sole heiress. The name Winnetou has an entry in the German dictionary, Duden. There, he met Bertha von Suttner.

Hitler Youth were encouraged to visit the ma and hear stories from Tobis.

Winnetou – Wikipedia

Westerntravel fiction, German homeland novels, adventure novels. Retrieved 3 May May’s works about three hundred have been adapted for audio dramasparticularly in the s.

The company became bankrupt in and the films are lost. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The total number of copies published is about million, half in German. According to Karl May’s story, first-person narrator Old Shatterhand encounters the Apache Winnetou, and after initial dramatic events, a true friendship arises between them; on many occasions, they give proof of great viinetu skill, but also of compassion for other human beings.


Winnetou (1893) – A Review

Old Shatterhand became the blood brother of Winnetou and rode the brother of Iltschi, called Hatatitla Lightning.

May avoided ethnological prejudices. The stories, indeed, were so popular that Nazi Germany did not ban them despite the heroic treatment of people of color; instead, the argument was made that the stories demonstrated the fall of the American aboriginal peoples was caused by a lack of racial consciousness. Das Neue Berlin, Berlin, Concerning the article of Orrin Judd: Symphony of the New World.