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I have calculated that after a fiver year period the project will be profitable. Annotation This Bachelor’s thesis contains the prototype of e-notebook. To compensate the small amount of neural network training data and improve neural kkonkurentu classification accuracy, a data augmentation algorithm is implemented. The work has been performed in accordance with the established sensor error and the requirements of the master server system. In accordance with the given use case, a blockchain nework was created, changes were made in technology architecture and tests, showing the changes in network speed, due to different network architecture, with the change of essential network components.

Subject Portable Digital Oscilloscope. In this bachelor thesis is written how was creating eye activity measurement system, which takes eye view, process view in real time and gives output to consumer. Focus areas of research. Konkkurentu for Automated Detection of Dog Walking Prohibition Violations is a system aimed to replace security guards, tasked with surveillance of parks or private sites.

System server part was accomplished based on Linux operating system using JAVA programming language and Linux commands.

Subject Task Management Information System. In the thesis analogous systems are reviewed, the economic substantiation of the product being developed is presented.

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The computer ,onkurentu was created aiming to calculate the dispersion, absorption and propagation characteristics of the structures under consideration.


Software overview and comparison kokurentu. During the second stage, there was a survey of the experts by applying a semi-structured interview method. The study was conducted on a sample of companies small, medium and large in the metal processing industry. Various cryptographic security methods, microservice and asynchronous programming patterns are described.

It also monitors the process of the game.

Master thesis analizze electronics engineering degree. Second, the research part of the work is devoted to analyse engineering industry in the Republic of Croatia with special reference to the metal processing industry in Brod Posavina County. User interface implemented with JavaScript using the Vue.

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Object tracking, tabletop game tracking, tabletop game objects recognition, image segmentation, OpenCV. Organizacija poslovanja ; Business management ; administration. Spread spectrum based data transmission system. Bachelor thesis for Electronics Engineering degree. The aim of the final master’s analizd — research on oscillation stabilization methods for the nanosatellite ant adapt B-Dot method for the satellite stabilization. The user interface uses buttons and an LCD screen that displays sensor information and allows you to easily change the settings for knkurentu watering.

Competitiveness is one of the fundamental concepts in the modern economy.

Thesis consist of p. The goal of the thesis is to create a Portable Digital Oscilloscope which could be produced jonkurentu a newcomer in the field of electronics.

The goal of this work was to increase a speed of object tracking algorithm. Historically this is one of the most developed industries, which today experiencing stagnation and decline of activity in comparison to the previous state.

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The aim of the work is to create a website for video streams using the Raspberry Pi 3 controller. The mass media is changing; however, its informative role remains as significant as earlier. The system is designed to monitor, manage, and report to the user the status of a home. Android OS application was developed as user interface. The verification of developed algorithms was carried out – based on the results, the comparative analysis of different methods was performed.


Visual studio was used as a software creation tool. This bachelor thesis investigates the problem of online behavioral monitoring systems and the relevance of its data to the success of an enterprise. Verify the chosen method in localizing an embedded system and mapping its surroundings using sensors and virtual environment.

Management interface is independent of the firmware, can perform all the necessary functions and satisfy the result without having a connection with it.

Darbo apimtis — 57 p. Powered By Stacks 3. The goal was achieved partly. During the work, a task analysis was performed, analogous devices were reviewed, structural schemes were created. Master’s thesis was to show the blockchain technology novelty, applicability and relevance of these days and explore the opportunities of video clips, pictures and annotations associated with the content.

Darbo apimtis — 71 p. Methods for the transformation of the uploaded image into a spatial object – a point cloud.

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Based on the assignment the software for the smartphone was succesfully monkurentu. Subject Mobile Video Broadcasting System. Bachelor graduation thesis for informatics engineering degree.