“Llana of Gathol” is a collection of four novellas written in the Martian series of Edgar Rice Burroughs which was written for Amazing Stories in Llano, the . Barsoom. Barsoom is a fictional version of the planet Mars invented by author Edgar Rice Burroughs for a series of action adventure stories. In , Burroughs . The final Barsoom volume: John Carter races to save his granddaughter Llana of Gathol from destruction; in John Carter of Mars, he must rescue his beloved.

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I would come south, looking for other lands in which my people may settle and increase. In this one, the heroic John Carter wanders the dying planet of Mars in search of his grandaughter, Llana of Gathol, fighting off a legion of the ancient dead, an army of frozen and then thawed warriors, a city of invisible people who can only be seen under lf lightsand a host of other challenges.

Next, Carter swordfights, Ul-toand manages to tell Llana that when he kills him, she should run and start up his flier. Look at the others! Only Lum Tar O’s obscene powers gave them a semblance of olana. May my first ancestor be blessed! The old man tires to hypnotize them, but Carter struggles against his powers and kills him.

You well know that I cannot let a stranger escape from Horz. If you’ve seen it in a Star Wars or any other sci-fi movie, chances are it was pilferred from this or the companion books.

Publication: Llana of Gathol

Open Preview See a Problem? All but about one per cent of the eggs hatch, and these are left behind when the yathol departs from the incubator. Every once in a while I feel an urge to see you and visit with you, and at long intervals I am able to satisfy that urge—as now.

Llana of Gathol pressed close to me llanw seized my arm. I quite agreed, and buckled the gorgeous harness about me without more ado. Grandfather-of-the-Year loses her at least three more times before finally getting her home. I only know that at one moment I was fighting alone, a hopeless fight, and that at the next there fought at my side the greatest swordsman Horz has ever llxna. Our empire spread from pole to pole. Trivia About Llana of Gathol A large man, almost naked, rushed in.


Llana of Gathol

Let’s try to get out of here. He hoped, he said, that we might repair his compass for him. I think Lan Sohn Wen thought the same thing. The hem of his feather cape caught on the spire of a church, toppling it to the ground.

They are constantly fighting among themselves, and woe betide the rider who loses control of his terrible mount; yet, paradoxical as it may appear, they are ridden without bridle or bit; and are controlled solely by telepathic means, which, fortunately for me, I learned many ago while I was prisoner of Lorquas Ptomel, jed of the Tharks, a green Martian horde. They were a happy, prosperous, contented people, the various nations seldom warring upon one another.

Put yourself in their place. Straits and bays, canals and lakes dried up. Sometimes his speech was inarticulate gibber; often it was broken by meaningless and inopportune laughter—the hollow laugh that we had heard before.

I felt myself sinking into pleasant slumber. Had it connected I should have been as headless as a rykor. My antagonist was so terribly cock-sure of hathol, when facing such a seemingly puny creature as I, that he left himself wide open, as he charged down upon me like a wild bull. And when the warriors could stop their mounts they turned and raced after me, but they were too late.

The rest you know. Why did you come down? Please note, this 5 star rating is based on my long ago memories of this book – I may have read it greater than 20 years ago. Runs into his granddaughter Llana because During the games the switch is noticed, gahtol the sword is recognized as belonging to Ban-tor. If I only had a place to hide until it would be safe to come out of the pits the way I had entered! John Carter goes gallivanting alone on some half-baked adventure because I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?


Llana Of Gathol & John Carter Of Mars by Burroughs, Edgar Rice

A mouldering skeleton lay upon the floor, the rusted irons that had secured it to the wall lying among its bones. You won’t need the directional compass. The dust of ages lay upon the ramp down which we walked. No less cohesive than any of the other novels. It is a long way from Mars.

The next day however they are captured by Black martians and taken to the city, which is revealed to be named Kamtol. They are an exceptionally handsome race, clean- limbed and powerful, with intelligent faces and features of such exquisite chiseling that Adonis himself might have envied them.

I was close behind him, having outstripped both him and the strange warrior. I was awakened later on by a shout and a hideous roar. Because of them, I probably know more of the geography and topography of Mars than any other living man; for they and my other adventurous excursions upon the planet have carried me from the Lost Sea of Korus, in the Valley Dor at the frozen South to Okar, land of the black bearded Yellow Men of the frozen North, and from Kaol to Bantoom; and yet there are many parts of Barsoom that I have not visited, which will not seem so strange when there is taken into consideration the fact that although the area of Mars is like more than one fourth that of Earth its land area is almost eight million square miles greater.

I could see it.