Including a financing scheme in the Manado Oceans Declaration is a sticking point at this week’s World Oceans Conference in Indonesia. On Thursday, following closed negotiations held throughout the week, delegates adopted the Manado Ocean Declaration by acclamation. Manado Ocean Declaration. Adopted on 14 MAY , in Manado. Project Fostering a Global Dialogue on Oceans, Coasts, and SIDS.

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According to Bernal, declaragion options worth exploring for carbon offsets include ocean carbon capture and storage and mangrove restoration. They noted that bleaching is a symptom of environmental stress and is affecting increasing numbers of coral reefs.

IW:LEARN | Documents – Manado Ocean Declaration

The Philippines urged partners to agree on establishing one coordinating group with a structure that is supported by the partners. He noted the UN system initiatives on: He highlighted current limitations, including lack of infrastructure and skilled human resources, and accessibility of remote islands.

Declaratiion the serious impacts of nitrogen input into the oceans, he encouraged the negotiation of a nitrogen convention to control respective impacts.

MPA networks; marine species sanctuaries; and fisheries regulation. Collection delivery service resumes on Wednesday 2 January He noted that donor support should be based on the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, emphasizing that ownership of Action Plans rests with individual member states.

Manado Ocean Declaration — Caribbean Environment Programme

White recommended that basic planning and management of the MPA networks be improved. David McCauley, Asian Development Bank, commented on the recent mobilization of adaptation resources, particularly in Asia. British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin Hatfull, representing his country at the conference, said the fact both developing and developed nations could come to an agreement showed the world had now recognized the importance of oceans and the need to include the issue at the UN climate talks.

He concluded by officially opening WOC He emphasized that adaptation requires strategies to reduce the negative impacts of climate change, including: You must be logged in to Tag Records.

Manado Ocean Declaration Adopted at World Ocean Conference – Ocean States Eye Copenhagen

Another speaker encouraged Indonesians to charge higher fees for tourists to visit national parks containing coral reefs. President Yudhoyono declared that he will: US delegation head Mary M.


She emphasized the importance of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS as the legal framework for the regulation of activities at sea and explained the fundamental role of oceans in regulating the climate system. World Ocean Conference Bulletin. Emil Salim, University of Indonesia, presented a keynote address, emphasizing the importance of the Pacific Ocean in regulating the climate system.

She noted that meeting new challenges will place strain on existing institutions. He presented a joint initiative by Canada and China to implement integrated coastal zone management in Hainan, China, with the goal of strengthening institutions and developing human resources through education and outreach activities.

National Library of Australia.

Roger McManus, Conservation International, US, presented on the future of the CTI, emphasizing the need to reverse the declining trends of environmental quality and ecosystem services in the region. He acknowledged the large number of MPAs already established in the Coral Triangle region, but noted the lack of information available on connectivity and how well these MPAs have been managed.

Declwration assessed the status of oceans and coasts and progress achieved over the last decade, identified continuing and new challenges, examined options for concerted action on cross-sectoral issues and laid the groundwork for the inclusion of an oceans perspective and small island developing states SIDS issues in the WSSD agenda. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOSwhich opened for signature on 10 Decemberin Montego Bay, Jamaica, at the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea, constitutes the main legal odean for the regulation of human activities at sea, setting forth the rights and obligations of states regarding the use of the oceans, their resources, and the protection of the marine and coastal environments.

Natasha Stacey, Charles Darwin University, Australia, presented findings of pilot research designed to improve knowledge of whale shark migrations in East Indonesia and create whale shark conservation opportunities for Indonesian fishers.

Bet Lagarense, University of Waterloo, Canada, remarked upon the rapid growth of marine tourism, adding that this presents both opportunities and threats. He described MPA networks as a collection of individual MPAs or reserves operating cooperatively and synergistically, at various spatial scales, with a range of protection oceaj. He urged a collective approach to addressing issues such as illegal fishing and protection of sensitive marine species, such as turtles declarayion dugongs, and land-based pollution.


This proposal was formally welcomed by 21 states during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit held in Australia in Throughout the week, delegates also attended a number of related events, including the Ocean Science, Technology and Policy Symposium, featuring oral and poster presentations of over scientific and policy papers. She also underscored ocwan importance of mobilizing and managing knowledge for adaptation policy and ocaen through: This meeting and its associated meetings will take place from Junein Madeira, Portugal.

Negotiations manxdo reach a consensus have seen the softening of the language of the final declaration to allow a compromise between developed and developing countries, with provisions for adaptation funds declarwtion transfer of technology scaled back ocran.

On the impacts of climate change to SIDS, she noted the lack of adaptation measures enacted since the adoption of the Barbados Programme of Action. Climatic changes — Congresses. On funding perspectives for the CTI, he highlighted current investments from Australia, Singapore, the US and the Asian Development Bank, underscoring the need to assure sustainable funding through stewardship.

WOC was created for the world community to discuss current issues in the marine field related to climate change, including how the world can wisely utilize the oceans to mitigate the climate crisis. Angela Cropper, Deputy Executive Director, Declaratiin, acknowledged the important interface between climate change and oceans, but recommended further elements to be considered by Global Ocean Policy Day, including other interconnected impacts to oceans ecosystems, such as: Short said that responsible shark utilization consists of responsible management, trade and consumption.

This meeting will take place Novemberin Recife, Brazil, and will be preceded by a working group on sport and recreational fisheries and a compliance committee meeting.

He emphasized that a mitigation strategy based on thresholds of a two degree Celsius temperature increase by mid-century or ppm atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide is insufficient.